How to Handle Appeals and Audits of Your Medical Billing System

How to Handle Appeals and Audits of Your Medical Billing System

If your behavioral health practice hasn’t received payment from a patient or their insurance company, you might be wondering what is delaying the process. Often, this may mean you are being audited by a provider. You want to receive the proper payment that you deserve, and CA Billing has a team of medical billing specialists that will help you receive payments and navigate the audit process through appeals. Learn more about how to handle an audit, and contact our team today for more guidance.  

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Why is Your Behavioral Health Facility Being Audited?

Medical billing appeals and audits can be a daunting thing for any practice or behavioral health facility, so understanding why this is occurring is the first step in handling the situation. If a patient or their insurance company disagrees with an item or service that was provided by your medical team, they may withhold the reimbursement payment. 

How Can An Appeal Help You Receive Payment?

If a claim is problematic and you wish to receive payment, you will want to appeal a demand for payment. When it comes to the appeals process in the medical billing system, you must be confident that there was an error in the appeals process. Each provider will have a different appeals procedure, and you’ll want to comply with those details. 

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Hire a Team Dedicated to Handling Appeals and Audits

Navigating audits and appealing requires attention to detail on provider processes and understanding the medical billing system you are working with. Finding the right team of certified medical coders can help! At CA Billing, we are a medical billing agency that will fight for you to receive the payment you deserve. Contact our team to get started

Avoid Audits and Appeals in the Future

Once our team of medical billing specialists and legal experts help you resolve any audits of your system, we’ll help you avoid future audits! Our main goal is to help your practice continue to provide the best care possible while receiving optimum reimbursement. Staying up to date on the latest coding and billing information, keeping detailed documentation of your billing process, and working with your staff to help them understand the process will all help you avoid audits in the future. 

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Don’t handle medical billing audits on your own, reach out to our team of medical billing specialists at CA Billing and we will help you navigate the process and receive payments! For more information about appeals, or our professional and legal expertise, contact CA Billing today. 

4 Reasons to Choose CA Billing For Your Behavioral Health Billing Needs

4 Reasons to Choose CA Billing For Your Behavioral Health Billing Needs

Behavioral health providers across the country have been discovering the benefits of using a third-party billing provider to help care for their patients. CA Billing caters exclusively to mental and behavioral health professionals and organizations, utilizing our extensive knowledge and relationships with local insurance companies to save you time and money. Here are four reasons to give us a call today!

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We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Standard

Client data is incredibly sensitive, and nobody takes that more seriously than CA Billing. With data security standards always being raised higher, we continuously work to provide elite-level data protection. We’re HIPAA-compliant, and we focus on training for new policies and procedures so that you can focus on growing your practice. We worry about secure payment collections so you can focus on your services!

Outsourcing Can Be a Major Benefit

Medical billing has grown into a field unto itself, and it requires specific skill sets to handle on a professional level. While it can be handled internally, you do spend a lot of money on taxes, office space, salaries, and training, as well as keeping your systems updated. When you outsource your billing with CA Billing, we take all of these requirements off of your shoulders so you can spend your time where it matters most.

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We’re Dedicated Specialists

CA Billing will always strive to provide your behavioral health practice with personalized service so that you can maximize your bottom line. Each claim will be tracked from the moment it’s processed to the point when it is paid in full. We’ll ensure that all denials are kept track of and that appeals are filed and completed. Our knowledge of the healthcare billing industry and its standards is second-to-none.

Focus On Your Practice

At the end of the day, the less time, energy, and money that you have to spend on billing, the more you can focus on your professional mental health services. This has always been our mission — to help our clients succeed, grow, and lower their bottom line so they can focus their energies where they matter the most.

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Are you ready to make the switch to CA Billing for your billing needs? Contact us today to get started and speak with one of our billing experts!

4 Reasons to Work With a Third-Party Medical Billing Service

4 Reasons to Work With a Third-Party Medical Billing Service

All healthcare providers, including those working in mental healthcare fields, are looking for better solutions when it comes to fast and efficient reimbursement from payers for services rendered to patients. In-house billing can be time-consuming and complex, and your practice may be better off utilizing a reliable and trusted third-party medical billing service like CA Billing! Here are four reasons to give us a call today.

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Enhance Your Revenue

When you handle billing in-house, that also means that you’re responsible for software upgrades and maintaining the means for processing billing — which can be expensive. Save time and money with our third-party billing service and lower your overhead costs while also getting timely submission of claims and increased reimbursement!

Streamline Your Billing Process

A streamlined billing process goes a long way toward gaining the confidence of your mental healthcare patients and makes your practice more efficient. Having a bad reputation for poor billing practices could end up costing you patients and clients. Avoid those potential problems altogether with CA Billing — we’ll provide an uninterrupted flow of professional billing services.

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Allow Your Team to Focus On Their Strengths

Instead of your staff spending their valuable time chasing claims from delinquent accounts or undergoing extensive training for coding requirements, trust CA Billing to handle everything! We’ll manage all of your patient billing data so that you can focus on providing and improving the services your healthcare practice was created for.

You’ll Have Happier Patients

When you trust a professional third-party billing company with the financial side of your practice, your team can focus on gaining customer satisfaction through your services and client-staff relationships. When billing issues are handled by our professional team, you don’t need to worry about resolving them yourself. That means everyone’s role will be completed more efficiently and effectively!

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If you’re looking for a behavioral health billing or medical billing third-party provider, we encourage you to try CA Billing! Contact us today to get started.