Audits and Appeals

Effective management of claims and audits.
Have you experienced a slow down of payments from a specific provider? This could be because your behavioral health facility is being audited by that provider. Often times, the audited facility is unaware that this process is taking place. At CA Billing, we have a proven track record of getting our clients paid again by diagnosing and remediating the problem at hand.
We are known for our attention to detail, and this also translates to our appeals process. At CA Billing, we have a team dedicated solely to appeals. They route each claim through the appropriate channels to appeal payments. We recently received a 100% reimbursement on second tier appeals for a client! Our goal is to do the same for you.

Get Revenue Moving Again

At CA Billing, our audits and appeals team is ready and waiting to assist you with any claim that proves to be problematic. Our appeals team is known for their attention to detail. They apply that attention to detail to every claim as they take it through the appropriate channels to appeal payments.

Our team of appeals and audits specialists provides:

Focused on Revenue

We are dedicated to helping you receive the revenue that you rightfully deserve. When it comes to mental and behavioral health billing, things can be a bit more complicated than at conventional medical facilities. That is why we employ a team of experts in the field who understand the complexities of behavioral health billing and put that knowledge to work to get the maximum revenue for your business.


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Talk to our specialist Appeals and Audits team to find out how we can speed up claim appeals and get you your revenue.

Guidance for Appeals

Because behavioral health billing can be complex, it can be difficult to quickly identify and compare claims to the treatment that has been provided for a patient. Our team is trained to identify claims, confront and negotiate with third-parties, and ensure that you’re getting paid what you deserve.

From CPT codes to verification of benefits, our team performs in-depth analyses of a patient’s history, insurance, and services performed. At CA Billing, we have the advantage of being specialists in the behavioral health industry, so we stay informed of new codes and policies that you might be unfamiliar with.

Legal Expertise

We understand that behavioral health billing is not just about filing claims and verifying benefits. It also involves navigating a complex legal landscape of compliance. That’s why we make sure that you and your facility are prepared for any legal challenges.

Our team’s legal experience focuses on statutory protections and favorable case law.

Clear Communication

With CA Billing, you are always kept in the loop when it comes to your billing. You are able to view the status of claims on our reporting software at any time. Additionally, you can customize your reports, send them to insurance carriers, or let us do it all for you. We’re able to handle your claims from the moment they come in.

When you use CA Billing, we’re always looking out for you. Because we work with carefully selected partners, we are always available to our clients. Feel free to reach out for assistance and speak directly with our knowledgeable team, available 7 days a week.

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