Third-Party Negotiating

Strong negotiation for optimum reimbursement.
We negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the most value from the services that you have provided. You can depend on our CA Billing medical billing team to negotiate reimbursement payments in a timely and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on relationships we’ve built with major third-party negotiators, which helps secure higher reimbursements.

Third-Party Negotiating for Optimum Reimbursement

At CA Billing, our dedicated third-party negotiation team combines legal and industry expertise to maximize reimbursement. Our unique expertise allows us to quickly navigate fair negotiations and provide compelling agreements, including global agreements, so third parties are happy to find a solution that works for both sides.

Our team of specialists provides:

Informed Negotiations

At CA Billing, we ensure that claims are addressed thoroughly. As your medical billing agency, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the reimbursement that you deserve, all while maintaining the utmost professionalism with third-party companies. Successful negotiations begin with organization, timeliness, and connections.

Our team begins the process by responding to and countering negotiations as quickly as they are received by fax or email. All of our executed negotiations are signed and safely stored as PDFs for future reference. Any claims that aren’t signed by the due date are subject to lower reimbursement once sent back to the payer, so we conduct negotiations in a timely manner.

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Talk to our specialist Third Party Negotiations team to find out how we can improve your claim negotiations and secure more of your revenue.

Global Agreements

To avoid the fuss of single case negotiations, some third parties offer Global Agreements. These agreements can either be detrimental or a blessing. If your facility does not have any set in place, we will seek out and secure high percentage agreements with all major negotiators. If your facility has low percentage agreements, we will renegotiate or cancel them if necessary, and re-establish a higher percentage through single case negotiations.


We have spent time and energy to cultivate relationships at all of the major third-party negotiators. These contacts help secure timely negotiations at the highest reimbursements.

Always-On Communication

When you choose CA Billing as your medical billing agency, our work doesn’t stop after negotiation. We maintain a positive rapport with third party companies as a means of optimizing efficiency and reimbursements in the future. If at any time you want to discuss a reimbursement, we’re happy to take the time to explain the outcome and the steps that went into the negotiation process.

CA Billing, allows you to take a hands-off approach when it comes to coordinating with insurance companies and other third parties. With our team’s legal expertise, we’re able to handle negotiations in a timely manner, maintain rapport with third parties, and seek out and secure high-percentage agreements with all major insurers and their negotiators.

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