Billing and Collections

Strategy and persistence for optimum reimbursement.
Have you encountered headaches and frustration when billing codes changed unexpectedly? By partnering with CA Billing, you are never without up-to-date information. We stay on top of industry trends specific to the behavioral health sector and employ a constantly evolving billing strategy so that our clients know that they are getting the optimum reimbursement with us.
As a medical billing agency, our goal is to always provide our clients with the most effective, holistic billing strategy to ensure that denied claims and collections are as infrequent as possible. When collections become necessary, we employ an aggressive approach to ensure that your services are always adequately covered.

The CA Billing Advantage

We have accumulated a wealth of data from working with a wide range of clients over the years. This bird’s eye view of the treatment industry allows us to see changes and industry trends that an in-house billing team can’t access from the inside. Our expertise keeps our finger on the pulse of all things billing related, so we can best inform our clients based on real-life industry results.

For example, if a new policy comes into your treatment center, we know how the policy has done at comparable facilities. Our invaluable industry research helps you make the most informed decision for your business.

Our Billing & Collections specialists provide:

Flexible Strategy

The world of behavioral health billing is constantly changing. To some, that is an annoyance or an obstacle. At CA Billing, we view it as an opportunity to review our strategy and evolve to meet new trends and demands. As one of our partners, you can rest assured that we are always searching for new ways to maximize your reimbursement. We are a boutique medical billing agency, so our strategy for each client is completely unique and constantly evolving.

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Data-Driven Billing

When it comes to developing an effective medical billing strategy, data is everything. At CA Billing, we translate our years of industry experience and the data that comes with it directly into effective strategies for our clients. We know what works and what doesn’t, and can see what’s on the horizon when it comes to billing industry trends. Combining our data-driven approach with our boutique billing style, we create tailor-made solutions that meet our clients’ needs while staying in front of the changing industry landscape.

Detailed Reporting

We do our best work when we have all the information that we need from our clients. This is why we view them as partners, striving to keep the lines of communication between our teams open at all times. We know the importance of getting accurate, clear information, so we provide that to our clients as well.

As one of our partners, you will receive regularly updated, in-depth reporting about your billing and collections so that you can plan your revenue cycle accurately. Receiving optimum reimbursement is useless if you can’t plan your business around it. That’s why we offer complete transparency so that your billing is not only effective, but predictable.

Optimize Your Billing

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