Verification of Benefits

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Accurate behavioral health billing all begins with thorough verification of benefits. Our team of VOB specialists uses their combined expertise to verify benefits within the hour and with the utmost attention to detail. By asking payer-specific questions with our specialized VOB form, we ensure that no stone is left unturned in getting you optimum reimbursement from insurance carriers.

Verification of Benefits for Optimum Reimbursement

With CA Billing’s personalized VOB dashboard, we’ve taken the process a step further to provide an algorithm tailored to each facility based on industry-leading data that provides estimated reimbursements for each policy across all levels of care. Make admissions decisions quicker with confidence that you’re making the right call.

Our team of VOB specialists provide:

Efficiency Over Speed

At CA Billing, our goal is to provide all our clients with verification of benefits within the hour following a request. However, we believe that the goal should never just be speed. Our primary goal is always to provide a complete and accurate verification of benefits that serves to maximize reimbursement and minimize dispute claims.

We’ve developed a specialized VOB form to easily screen each client to identify red flag policies and make sure that every policy coming in will benefit your business. Our questionnaire also helps highlight overlooked stipulations and provides a scope of care to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

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Payer-Specific Approach

The key to optimizing reimbursement through verification of benefits is knowing what questions to ask. Many other behavioral health billing agencies use standardized sheets or outside contractors. As a boutique billing agency, we know that not only are all of our clients unique but so are the insurance carriers that we deal with.

That is why we take a payer-specific approach to our verification of benefits services. By asking the questions that matter to each insurance provider, we are able to ensure that nothing is lost in translation. Especially not your reimbursement!

In-Depth Analysis & Reporting

Many verification of benefits offerings barely go beyond the level of patient coverage, simply providing broad strokes overviews of covered services. At CA Billing, we know that understanding the details and nuances of a patient’s policy is essential to optimum reimbursement and happy patients.


Our expert VOB team will conduct an in-depth analysis of covered services, along with how much of the service is covered by the insurer. Every detail will be packaged in a clear report that will give you everything you need to know before making decisions about a patient’s continued care.

Ongoing Review

While many medical procedures involve on-off claims and payments, other forms of care can result in long-term billing. This is particularly true of the behavioral health sector. One of the most common ways that clinicians and care providers miss out on reimbursement is by failing to review the benefits of long-term patients.

As a behavioral health billing provider that specializes in the behavioral health industry, we build an ongoing review of benefits into our service offering. With us, you can rest assured that verification of your long-term patients’ coverage will remain valid, no matter how long they remain a patient.

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