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Why Work At CA Billing?

CA Billing is a fast-growing boutique billing company specializing in the Behavioral Health Industry. Since our establishment in 2015, we have grown an incredible reputation in the industry, with most new clients coming from word-of-mouth due to the success we bring our clients. Our approach to billing, “Bill Smarter” allows us to leverage the expertise of our team as well as our data to give our clients the best outcomes possible.

Culture at CA Billing

At CA Billing we believe in treating our clients and our employees as partners. We know that we can’t give superior service to our clients unless the heart of our company, our team members, are not only happy but thriving in their work environment. The two most important components of our culture are Purpose and Culture.

We know the work we do here at CA Billing allows our clients to do great things in the world, helping patients get the care they need for their substance abuse and mental health disorders. This brings a greater purpose to our work as advocates for our clients and their patients, ultimately providing long-term care to help them go on and live happier and more fulfilling lives.

CA Billing knows that strong communication is what keeps a business successful. Not only do we believe in open communication channels with our clients, more importantly, we feel communication is key between all members of our team. We believe that each person brings a unique perspective to our business and we want to hear it. Whether it’s a new idea, an improved system to get something done, or an issue our team always believes in keeping that communication open.