Constant access to custom reports.
Staying on top of treatment billing has never been easier with our software suite. Our accurate reports can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your clinic or treatment center. You can generate customized reports for your clients at any time. Never be in the dark about your billing—and your revenue—again.

Reporting for Optimum Reimbursement

At CA Billing, our reporting software helps you organize your medical billing database so you can benefit from maximizing your reimbursement. Our software conveniently provides a way to customize your treatment billing so it’s easy to determine payment for out-of-network providers. When billing is personalized, you’re more likely to get a timely payment.

Our reporting software provides:

Customizable to Your Needs

Our reporting software has easy solutions for behavioral health billing. It can be difficult to keep insurance companies on the same page with what your patient needs at your facility. With our medical billing software, you’re able to find transactions with customized filters and generate client statements in a few clicks.

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Talk to our specialist V.O.B team to find out how we can speed up your verification process and optimize your reimbursements.

Fast and Efficient

For your convenience, our customized reports are available shortly after you request them. Use our reports for weekly billing, gross monthly billing, and deductible or coinsurance reports. When you use our billing software, you’ll notice how easy it is to keep on top of your revenue, even when going back and forth with claim negotiations.

Our safe and secure software is perfect for recently opened facilities, behavioral health facilities experiencing low negotiation reimbursement, and facilities that want to be able to focus on their strengths, instead of negotiating with insurance companies. With our customized reports, you’ll be able to see your revenue cycle to keep track of the money you have coming in.

Report Support

Once you provide us with patient and insurance information, we can submit claims for you and provide status reports for all of your claims at any time. To help you provide the best service to your patients, you can request reports from our team whenever you need them.

We are happy to walk your team through how our reports work, and will gladly customize reports to meet the unique needs of your facility. Whatever information you need to understand your revenue stream and keep your business running smoothly, we will provide it.

Ongoing Review

It can be difficult to keep track of claims that can easily go under the radar. With our software, managing and organizing your claims is a breeze. No matter how complicated the situation may be, we are dedicated to staying on top of your treatment billing and invoicing needs so that no revenue goes unrealized.

If there is non-payment, we’ll note that in our system and pursue them for you in a professional and persuasive manner. When you choose CA Billing, you’re choosing to get your money and your time back.

Optimize Your Billing

Our expert team is ready to create a bespoke billing solution for you.

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