Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Why should I outsource medical billing?
Answer: Outsourcing medical billing and behavioral health billing can be very beneficial to your team’s practice, your treatment center, and even for your patients. When it comes to getting the most of your reimbursement, CA Billing has a larger range of data to refer to when it comes to Verification of Benefits and the actual billing. Our industry and insurance knowledge for working with so many behavioral health facilities allows us to leverage our knowledge to help each one of our client facilities.We’re able to provide you with access to the best billing practices in the behavioral health industry.
Question: Why should I choose CA Billing over other billing companies?
Answer: Our goal here at CA Billing is to Bill Smarter and when we partner with you, we strive to help your facility reach maximum revenue.
We have a team of experts for each step of the billing process and in addition to our expertise, we’re able to leverage our wealth of data and knowledge of the ever-changing insurance industry to help you make the smartest decisions for your business.
Question: Can CA Billing handle every part of the billing process for me?
Answer: Yes! CA Billing handles the billing process from start to finish. Beginning with our quick and thorough Verfication of Benefits all the way through appealing claims. We take every claim through our process with the utmost detail to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.
Question: Can CA Billing make sure we’re reaching maximum revenue?
Answer: Yes. At CA Billing, we’re focused on helping you get back the reimbursement that you rightfully earned. Our goal is to help our clients not leave money on the table. This means we leverage all of the relevant tools and data to help each facility maximize their revenue all while you’re able to focus on client care.
Question: Is CA Billing able to keep track of billing laws and changes in the industry so I don’t have to?
Answer: Yes, our team is knowledgeable in today’s billing trends, which help us stay on top of what’s important in negotiations and with our software. Our CA Billing team is also trained in statutory law protections, favorable case law, billing and collections, global agreement contracts,  and authorizations. Our team can handle prepayment reviews, audits, and other problems that arise in the revenue cycle. When you’re a part of our family, you can depend on CA Billing to look out for you.
Question: Can CA Billing help when insurers deny claims?
Answer: Yes, CA Billing has specialists who excel in negotiating claims, handling denied claims, appealing claims, disputing claims and underpayments, and monitoring and addressing fraudulent claims. We can handle all of your claims and keep you updated while you focus on helping patients.

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