How to Handle Appeals and Audits of Your Medical Billing System

If your behavioral health practice hasn’t received payment from a patient or their insurance company, you might be wondering what is delaying the process. Often, this may mean you are being audited by a provider. You want to receive the proper payment that you deserve, and CA Billing has a team of medical billing specialists that will help you receive payments and navigate the audit process through appeals. Learn more about how to handle an audit, and contact our team today for more guidance.

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Why is Your Behavioral Health Facility Being Audited?

Medical billing appeals and audits can be a daunting thing for any practice or behavioral health facility, so understanding why this is occurring is the first step in handling the situation. If a patient or their insurance company disagrees with an item or service that was provided by your medical team, they may withhold the reimbursement payment.

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How Can An Appeal Help You Receive Payment?

If a claim is problematic and you wish to receive payment, you will want to appeal a demand for payment. When it comes to the appeals process in the medical billing system, you must be confident that there was an error in the appeals process. Each provider will have a different appeals procedure, and you’ll want to comply with those details.

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Hire a Team Dedicated to Handling Appeals and Audits

Navigating audits and appealing requires attention to detail on provider processes and understanding the medical billing system you are working with. Finding the right team of certified medical coders can help! At CA Billing, we are a medical billing agency that will fight for you to receive the payment you deserve. Contact our team to get started

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Avoid Audits and Appeals in the Future

Once our team of medical billing specialists and legal experts help you resolve any audits of your system, we’ll help you avoid future audits! Our main goal is to help your practice continue to provide the best care possible while receiving optimum reimbursement. Staying up to date on the latest coding and billing information, keeping detailed documentation of your billing process, and working with your staff to help them understand the process will all help you avoid audits in the future.

Don’t handle medical billing audits on your own, reach out to our team of medical billing specialists at CA Billing and we will help you navigate the process and receive payments! For more information about appeals, or our professional and legal expertise, contact CA Billing today.

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