Top Services Provided By CA Billing

As a medical provider, you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you responsible for providing exceptional patient care, but your staff is also required to have a deep understanding of medical billing systems to avoid unpaid or denied patient medical claims. While most, if not all, medical providers would like to only focus on patients — the truth is you cannot have a medical practice without having some sort of medical billing system in place.

At CA Billing, we help to alleviate some of the stress and mess that comes with medical billing in the behavioral health sector. As an independent, boutique third-party billing company, our goal is to advocate for your patients and get the optimum reimbursement so you can grow your revenue and continue to provide the care they deserve. Our experienced team and innovative software handle a wide variety of comprehensive medical billing services. In today’s post, we will go over our top four services while addressing how each of these will allow your medical practice to thrive and continue to care for patients. Enjoy this summary of our services and reach out to our qualified team to request a free consultation!

a doctor writing on a medical form

Verification Of Benefits

Accurate medical billing services start with the verification of patient benefits for optimal practice reimbursement. Before insurance companies will pay on a medical claim, a verification of benefits is usually performed on the account to ensure the agency of legal responsibility. While many medical billing systems leave medical practices hanging with no conclusive answers. CA Billing a verification of benefits within the hour of receiving a request. Accurate verification is critical to proper billing, medical reimbursement, and a reduced number of disputed claims.

a doctor working on a laptop

Utilization Reviews

As a medical provider, your goal is to provide the best, optimal care for your patient, but it is also important that your facility get reimbursed for services so you can continue providing services to others. As your partner, our utilization review team and clinical teams work together to gather all pertinent information and ensure that correct procedures are followed. You don’t want to have a claim dispute keeping your patients from receiving the care they need. Keep your relationship focused on the patient’s care, while your utilization review specialist handles their insurance provider.

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Billing & Collections

Medical billing can get confusing quickly. With medical codes changing every day, your medical billing software must be adaptive and responsive to industry trends. As a medical billing agency, we stay up-to-date on all billing and collection protocols that affect our behavioral health sector. Our goal is to provide accurate billing to reduce denied claims and collection accounts, keeping more cash flow in your business.

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Third-Party Negotiations

Negotiating reimbursement payments can be very time-consuming. Let our team of experts handle all your third-party negotiations as your medical billing advocate. Our unique expertise allows us to quickly navigate fair negotiations and provide compelling agreements, including global agreements, so third parties are happy to find a solution that works for both sides. Services we include:

  • Legal contract review
  • Expert negotiation
  • Conversations with companies on your behalf
  • High probability of maximum reimbursement
  • Time saved, so you can focus on clients

Along with these services, CA Billing also provides in-depth reporting and analytics, helping you keep an overview of your entire medical billing system. Our medical billing software lets you generate patient reports when you need them, shedding valuable light on your billing department and keeping you as a medical provider in the loop on all business aspects. And if your business is experiencing a slow down in provider payments, our expert appeals and audits team has a proven track record of success in taking the appropriate channels to remedy a solution in your interest. No matter your medical billing situation, it is never too late to get on top of the industry trends with a new medical billing partner. Contact us today for a free consultation!