“I engaged with CA Billing in the Fourth Fiscal Quarter of the year 2017 in efforts to better understand my receivables and why they were on the decline. After all, it wasn’t a decline in our census that was initiating it, so what was it? After a full internal audit of my billing practices, receivables, and authorization practices, CA Billing was confident that they would be able to help increase our topline revenue without any major census changes. They did exactly that. CA Billing is nothing less than exceptional when it comes to handling my claims, obtaining excellent authorizations and representing each clients’ clinical needs to insurance companies without ever compromising their integrity and values. We work as one with CA Billing on a daily basis and their guidance through the ever-changing landscape of medical billing has allowed us to increase our topline revenue by 300% since that initial meeting in October 2017. We will be forever grateful for CA Billing and their second-to-none talent.”

CEO, Mid-Size Behavioral Health Facility