Psychiatric Billing

CA Billing is a third-party medical billing company that specializes in psychiatric services. Call today to request a free consultation.

Simplify the Billing Process

As a provider of psychiatric health services, it is your job to take care of people — not worry about coding changes, government regulations, and convoluted insurance requirements. CA Billing is a boutique third-party medical billing company that is focused on meeting the unique needs of mental and behavioral health providers. We can help simplify the entire revenue process by taking care of verification of benefits, claims processing, patient billing, and third-party negotiations. By allowing us to do what we do best, it provides you with the peace of mind and the resources necessary to focus on what you do best.

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Why turn to CA Billing for psychiatric billing services?

  • We specialize in the behavioral health industry
  • We can help you get maximum reimbursement
  • Ability to spot trends across multiple providers
  • Custom reporting
  • Handling of third-party negotiations
  • Claim denials and appeals management
  • 24-hour access to our team

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Improve Your Bottom Line and Get Peace of Mind

CA Billing is far more than just your average third-party medical billing provider. We have exclusive knowledge and experience in behavioral health services and can manage the entire revenue cycle starting with verification of benefits all the way through billing, appeals, reporting, and more. The result is maximum reimbursement, increased cash flow, and greater peace of mind knowing that you have more time to focus on providing care.

The CA Billing Difference

CA Billing is dedicated to providing our clients with the support and attention to detail they deserve. When you work with us, you’ll have a trusted partner who has your best interests in mind. You can’t say that about every other third-party service provider. We’ll not only use our expertise to help you maximize reimbursement, but we’ll also keep you up to date with the latest changes, assist with proper set up of insurance profiles, and give you 24-7 access to our team. In addition, we have a new online tool called CA Analytics that allows you to have instant access to the information you need, whenever you need it, including deposits, accounts receivable, and more. Learn more about our online system by visiting our CA Analytics page.

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When it comes to selecting a third-party medical billing company, choose the one that specializes in psychiatric billing and is dedicated to your success. Call CA Billing today to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.